subpage_images-laptopgirlA Marketing Solution that Ebbs and Flows with Your Business

There are many reasons why outsourcing your marketing operation is advantageous. It’s efficient, effective, less expensive and flexible. Here are a few situations where outsourcing would be perfect for you.

Tough Economic Times

The days of uncertain economic times have created unique challenges for many businesses. While marketing is required to ensure long-term revenue growth, it is often the first function to be cut from an increasingly tightened budget. While cutting marketing may seemingly be the best short-term solution, eliminating marketing altogether can be detrimental to long-term success.


BlueG’s outsourced marketing services offers you a way to keep your marketing program running while lowering costs and reducing stress associated with facing potential layoffs. Outsourcing your marketing operation is also more efficient because you can eliminate the downtime of internal staff and reduce full-time employee costs.


Additionally, marketing becomes a variable expense enabling you to reduce or increase overhead as business ebbs and flows.


A Growing Business

If you know marketing is imperative to grow your business but don’t have enough budget to hire a fulltime team, outsourced marketing is perfect for you. BlueG will market your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring a complete marketing department.


Specializing in all things marketing, BlueG can run your day-to-day marketing operation, including email campaign management, Website management and content generation, sales collateral development and public relations, as well as social media, Webinars and events. BlueG is the best way to get your business off the ground without breaking the bank.


Flexibility and Expertise

Outsourced marketing offers you the flexibility of increasing your staff based on circumstance. It allows you to bring in extra marketing help for such things as fulfilling the requirements of seasonal peaks, one-time events or employee turnover. It also enables you to take advantage of subject matter experts to fulfill a specific need on a short-term basis, instead of hiring them as permanent employees.


BlueG runs our entire marketing operation and they consistently meet and exceed our expectations. They successfully manage our strategic marketing initiatives as well as the day-to-day tactical execution. BlueG is truly an extension of our business and a valued partner in driving our success.

- Stonebranch


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