subpage_images-tunnelBlueG Marketing is an Atlanta based full-service marketing agency offering both consultative and outsourced marketing services. We realize that times are tough and employing a fully functioning, in-house marketing department is a luxury that many companies can no longer afford.



BlueG enables you to take advantage of the resources that you do have while supplementing those that you don’t at a cost lower than employing a permanent, fulltime team of marketing professionals. Whether you need an expert to come in and create your corporate identity and messaging or you’d like for us to run your entire marketing operation, we can successfully fulfill and surpass the needs of your organization.

Our Approach

We don’t believe in working just to work. We start with the end goal of driving results and work backwards to create the plan and initiatives to attain that goal. We believe in making things happen and we want to make things happen for you!




All successful marketing programs must begin with a plan. BlueG will work with you to develop a strategy that best meets the objectives and goals of your business.



Many people and organizations are great at talking about what they’re going to do. BlueG excels at actually doing it. We will bring your plan to life!



As in life itself, the only thing that is constant in marketing is change. Once the strategy is implemented, we will constantly monitor and adapt the program to drive maximum success.