Who's Your Buyer?

by Annelle Barnett
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Are you finding it more and more difficult to reach your buyers when they’re ready to buy? Do you even know who your buyers are and what role each individual plays in the buying process? Are you speaking in their language about their problems? Or, are you telling them what YOU think they want to hear?

Unfortunately, many organizations get caught up in shouting at their potential customers instead of getting to know who they are, what motivates them to buy and communicating with messaging that resonates.


The first step in discovering who your customers are and what to say to them is to develop your Buyer Persona(s). Buyer Personas are not a new practice but they are still relatively unknown in mainstream marketing.


A buyer persona is a compilation of all the demographic and psychographic characteristics that make up your perfect buyer. You may only have one buyer but it is more likely that you have at least three for each product or solution you offer. Do you know who they are?


Persona development is a critical step in successful message development, business planning and marketing execution. They also help your sales reps identify who they should be talking to within each target company.


Developing Personas is similar to the popular practice of defining your target audience but Personas go a step beyond the generalized grouping of your target and actually get to know your buyer on a more personal and intimate level.


Each individual buyer persona should contain typical target demographics like age, gender, education, job title, etc. But for them to be especially valuable, you need to know this person, how to communicate with them and how to recognize them in an organization. Include photos, learn about their families, their career path and what motivates them to make decisions and more importantly to buy. What are their goals, their skills and their interests outside of work?


Then, once you know these individuals, immerse yourself and your organization into their world. Bring them into your office by posting photos of your faux buyers around the office. Some organizations go as far as creating cardboard cutouts so that their buyer is always present in the organization. They need to be represented in everything you do and in every decision your organization makes.


Have you developed your Buyer Personas? If you have, I'd love to hear about the process you used to develop them and how you have incorporated them into your business.



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